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Decrypting TLS data with Wireshark on Mac

This post is about how decrypt TLS data with Wireshark using session key file. The session key file saves combination of secret keys which web browser used to encrypt or decrypt http traffic. Not all browsers may save session key, as I know only Google Chrome and Firefox permit to do this. The example below… Read More »

Create private backup of your web site

Everything may happen, but being wise after the event sometime is not a good choice. On Saturday 28 August 2021 incident happened the data on servers of my Webhosting provider were wiped, some backups were destroyed also on many server machines. You can read more about this here . Most likely it was a Ransom… Read More »

Alice, Bob and Asymmetric Cryptography

I suppose a lot of people know about Alice and Bob, the characters of many cryptographic tales. Previously I posted article “Encrypt and Decrypt Data on Linux Devices using OpenSSL” which explains how encrypt and decrypt files in symmetric way, currently I want to do the same using asymmetric cryptography, exactly how Alice and Bob… Read More »

Hotlinking protection for Dummies and against Dummies

Hotlinking means using URLs from hosted website on another website, usually it is links to images or downloadable files but not only. There are a lot of methods how protect URL from hotlinking it. Websites hosted on Apache server may prevent hotlinking using appropriate configuration defined in .htaccess files. There are WordPress plugins to block… Read More »

Installing swift on CentOS 8

Previously I worked with swift occasionally and using xCode only. There is my previous post with XML parser written in swift language. Here is my experience in swift installation on Linux platform with initial command line programming example. The first step – swift installation: It takes several minutes. Check swift version: # swift –version Swift… Read More »

Email Validation For Web Forms

Web response form with email validation looks more professional and help to protect from posting garbage entered in email email text field. Email validation is a hard problem and cannot guarantee 100% address authenticity. There is TCP Finger protocol, which can retrieve user information via email address and confirm that the email address is valid… Read More »

WordPress Again. Installation Guide.

Every time when I am applying WordPress I am googling for some installation details. I remember the whole procedure but always need to refresh some nuances. I am not doing this every day or ever every month and it is difficult to keep everything in memory. It takes time so I decided to create my… Read More »

HTML Obfuscation

Experimenting recently with obfuscation I decided to do some muddling code myself. I chose to change HTML page to make it difficult for understanding. For this purpose I created small encoder which coverts ASCII string to HTML entity presenting. This encoder is implemented in JavaScript and it is here. Then I using this encoder I… Read More »

Custom Protocol Handler (CPH)

Microsoft Windows supports registered custom protocols additionally to the common ones such as http, https, ftp, mailto and so on. To register an application to handle a particular URI scheme, new key, along with the appropriate subkeys and values should be added to the Windows registry. The new key The may be added to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes… Read More »

SSH port forwarding in .Net, C# example

The example is based on Renci.sshNet Library. Actually it is a genuinely undocumented library, well the site has some documentation yet it’s not too supportive for this kind of task, so I spent several hours to develop this projects from scratch. When the project is created you need to install Renci.SshNet library using Visual Studio… Read More »