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Custom Protocol Handler (CPH)

Microsoft Windows supports registered custom protocols additionally to the common ones such as http, https, ftp, mailto and so on. To register an application to handle a particular URI scheme, new key, along with the appropriate subkeys and values should be added to the Windows registry. The new key The may be added to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes… Read More »

SSH port forwarding in .Net, C# example

The example is based on Renci.sshNet Library. Actually it is a genuinely undocumented library, well the site has some documentation yet it’s not too supportive for this kind of task, so I spent several hours to develop this projects from scratch. When the project is created you need to install Renci.SshNet library using Visual Studio… Read More »

Bridge Adaptor vs NAT.

There are 2 main network choices when you installing virtual machine: Bridge adapter and NAT (Network address translation). The bridge adapter option connect new virtual device directly to the network adapter installed on the physical host device. The IP address assigned to the virtual machine belongs to the same subnet as the physical device IP… Read More »