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Insidious Process Class or InvalidOperationException

I mean here .Net Process class from System.Diagnostics name space. Suddenly one application which worked for long time begins generate exceptions with the following text message: “Process has exited, so the requested information is not available“. The application was created for some testing purposes, quickly and frankly to say was not implemented well. I added… Read More »

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Recently I converted some old c++ application to managed .Net c# one. The code built OK but crashing sometime during execution. It shows me “Unhandled System.NullReferenceException Exception” and I could not find what it was the source of this exception. Multiple try-catch statements did not help. Finally when I stated binaries under Visual Studio debugger… Read More »

snmpget in C#

SNMP (simple network management protocol) is the way to discover information about remote device or to monitor such device using agentless technique. The agentless approach means that no additional custom spy software is installed on target device. Anyware snmp or WMI are detective features, but usually they are part of operating system. Here is example… Read More »

SSH port forwarding in .Net, C# example

The example is based on Renci.sshNet Library. Actually it is a genuinely undocumented library, well the site has some documentation yet it’s not too supportive for this kind of task, so I spent several hours to develop this projects from scratch. When the project is created you need to install Renci.SshNet library using Visual Studio… Read More »

Building .Net core applications for different platforms

.Net core is actually very cool brainchild of Microsoft. It tries give you possibility to publish the same code to the multiple OS platforms. The result sometime looks cumbersome but probably it does not matter so far, if you want to migrate Windows code to Linux, Mac OSX and Android fast. Definitely it is not… Read More »

Playing with Target Framework in Visual Studio 2017

Recently I met a problem: I created new C# application project in Visual Studio 2017 and I found that I cannot assign Target framework to .Net framework, instead of this I see only .Net Core option in Target framework dropdown list. In the same time if I open the project created in Visual Studio 2013… Read More »