Disable dark mode for single appliacation

New versions of Mac OSX Mojave and Catalina have addition setting in “System Preferences” called Dark mode. To turn your Mac on Dark mode you need to go Apple menu then select System Preferences => General and click on Dark icon in Appearance. Dark Mode uses a dark color pattern and works on system level,… Read More »

From Russia with Fraud

Regularity receiving text message that some bank security systems have detected unusual activity. These SMS messages are similar to phishing, except that they are spamming via cell phones. Below the text is URL link which looks like bank WWW domain name, however looking carefully you can see that it is only submain prefix to another… Read More »

Get all windows

Long time ago I mean begining of nineties of the last century I started GUI Windows programming. The first application was based on message loop with 3 main players: GetMessage, TranslateMessage, DispatchMessage. Later higher level graphical interface API such as MFC did not require to write the code of Windows message loop, but application can… Read More »

cURL for port scanning

Usually such tools as telnet, nmap or nc are used to find listening remote ports. However nmap and netcat are not included in default Linux installation, telnet is good for manual testing and is not friendly for scripting task. So sometime I am using cURL or wget to get information about open ports on remote… Read More »

Ping in Network Discovery

Network discovery is a process to find other computers and devices on some network and to get obtainable information about them. The discovery procedure is based on sending out request messages over and analyzing responses from remote devices. ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) is most frequently method detect remote device. Below is presented simple Linux… Read More »

Garbage Collection and Recycling

Recently I converted some old c++ application to managed .Net c# one. The code built OK but crashing sometime during execution. It shows me “Unhandled System.NullReferenceException Exception” and I could not find what it was the source of this exception. Multiple try-catch statements did not help. Finally when I stated binaries under Visual Studio debugger… Read More »

Fixing dbg installation problem

I needed to install gdb quickly on my CentOS 7 VM box, but it failed. yum command could not find appropriate repository for download and installation. The same I had before with different application. Of course it was possible to perform all installation steps manually: find location of appropriate rpm or source files and rebuild,… Read More »

Shaileshkumar scheme

Probably it happened to everyone at least once, you want to google or to open Facebook page and you don’t enter the URL correctly in the address bar and you are redirected to a site that warns you that your computer is completely infected with all kinds of viruses, and will die soon or all… Read More »

Dive into WHOIS protocol

WHOIS is a TCP-based query/response protocol which is used to get information about registered domain names, domain name servers, registrar, creation and paid till date. Also it may contain data about domain owner and/or owner’s contact requisites. Default tcp port of WHOIS protocol is 43. The WHOIS client send a text request to the WHOIS… Read More »

Private and Public keys generation and usage for CentOS

Public and private key pair is alternative way of server logging using Secure Shell (SSH) protocol. It gives possibility to avoid user name and password prompts so could be faster and more comfortable. Besides both keys represent two long string of characters, so eventually it is more difficult to crack. There are a lot of… Read More »