WordPress Again. Installation Guide.

By | February 14, 2021

Every time when I am applying WordPress I am googling for some installation details. I remember the whole procedure but always need to refresh some nuances. I am not doing this every day or ever every month and it is difficult to keep everything in memory. It takes time so I decided to create my own manual for personal usage only. May be someone will find it helpful as well. This time I installed WordPress on my site Russian Mafia dot RU. To install WordPress your host must meet certain requirements: to support PHP and MySQL, it could be also MariaDB but I did not try this database so far.
The first step is download WordPress. I did it from here. I downloaded WordPress as zip file on my Windows computer:
Downloaded WordPress
Then I created database for my future WordPress. My host supports cPanel which has MySQL Database Wizard, so I used this tool:
MySQL Database Wizard The Wizard will ask for database name and its credential. You need to save or memorize these data, because they are required later for wp-config.php file. If you do not have cPanel you may do the same from some console tool using MySQL queries.
The next step is create wp-config.php from wp-config-sample.php file. It is possible to do it on http server: upload wordpress-5.6.1.zip, unzip it, edit wp-config-sample.php remotely and save as wp-config.php. but I prefer do it locally and then upload unzipped wordpress folder to the root directory using ftp.
Open wp-config-sample.php file in any text editor and change database name, username and password to using the same values where were selected during database creation step:
After changing save wp-config-sample.php as wp-config.php in the same directory:
You may delete or keep wp-config-sample.php, it is not required anymore.
Upload wordpress folder to root directory of russianmafile.ru, when upload is completed rename remote folder wordpress to blog:
ftp upload
To begin installation process start install.php file, this file is located in wp-admin subfolder:
Installation step 1
The installation process goes though several steps, such as Language selection:
Select language
Finally it is finished:

Blog start page looks a bit ugly, but it may be easy fixed by choosing different theme.
Blog start page

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