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Uncategorized but very important

From Russia with Fraud

Regularity receiving text message that some bank security systems have detected unusual activity. These SMS messages are similar to phishing, except that they are spamming via cell phones. Below the text is URL link which looks like bank WWW domain name, however looking carefully you can see that it is only submain prefix to another… Read More »

Simple example of SSH tunneling

SSH tunneling is a technique to transfer arbitrary networking data using an encrypted SSH connection. It can be used to add encryption to not secure protocols such as HTTP and to bypassing firewalls. It is also named as port forwarding, there is a post related to C# implementation of SSH port forwarding. Here is presented… Read More »

Linux C error handling, errno and perror

If you have Java or .Net programming background you used to be familiar with exception which generated in runtime if something is going wrong with code execution. Linux C does not provide direct support to runtime error handling or exception handling. Usually code developer has to check return values from the functions. Generally C function… Read More »

sizeof in c code, compilation and runtime

What is sizeof? In C sizeof is not a function, it is the unary operator sizeof which is measured in the number of byte-sized storage units required for the type. Usually it is calculated during compilation but some compilers could create code which computes sizeof in runtime. Now small quiz related to sizeof. Possible that… Read More »

CAPTCHA or enough is enough

Got sick of multiple silly comments and decided to rid of them. Yesterday I added “Simple Google reCAPTCHA” plugin, so currently comment posting comment are protected by Google reCAPTCHA, Contact page is not secure yet. but I will implement some protection there also. I investigated with Wireshark how HTTP POST request of adding new comment… Read More »

Proxy server and its anonymity

I decided to test how proxy server anonymity looks like and how to control it. The purpose was to get HTTP request header which server receives from proxy when proxy settings are anonymous, semi-anonymous or what ever. I installed squid proxy server on one Linux machine and started to play with its settings located in… Read More »

RMM HTTP Raposa server

In 1999 I implemented HTTP server for Windows NT with features of remote control and monitoring server machine. I gave the name Raposa to the server. The server code was written on VC++ 6.0 with MFC. Couple of days ago successfully I rebuilt the code on Visual Studio 2013. To my surprise all server services… Read More »

Parse ifconfig to extract IPv4 and IPv6

ifconfig is a system administration utility in Unix-like operating systems which presents network interface configuration, including IP addresses, masks, Mac addresses and a lot of other stuff. The ifconfig output may be slightly varying on different operating systems. The utility is very frequently included in shell scripts to get some network parameters. The presented below… Read More »