Apple Silicon Disassembly

By | February 9, 2021

The source code of cpubrand_string.cpp presented in “Mac OSX CPU Information. Terminal and Programmatically” post and tested on Mac with Apple Silicon processor works the same when it was compiled on Mac with Apple Silicon or Intel processors as well. Apple announced new Rosetta system that allows users to run applications that contain x86_64 instructions on Apple Silicon. In the same time Apple warns that Intel-based Mac compute code may not always apply on Apple silicon. I already met these differences of executable behavior running on Apple Silicon machine for some code with Apple Silicon and Intel instruction. May I will present these examples later. Here I just want to present how machine instructions looks like when cpubrand_string.cpp was complied on Macs with Apple Silicon and Intel processors.

Intel processor instructions for cpubrand_string.cpp source file:

(lldb) disassemble –name main
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e00] <+0>: pushq %rbp
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e01] <+1>: movq %rsp, %rbp
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e04] <+4>: subq $0x150, %rsp ; imm = 0x150
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e0b] <+11>: leaq -0x11c(%rbp), %rax
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e12] <+18>: movq 0x1e7(%rip), %rcx ; (void *)0x0000000000000000
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e19] <+25>: movq (%rcx), %rcx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e1c] <+28>: movq %rcx, -0x8(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e20] <+32>: movl $0x0, -0x120(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e2a] <+42>: movl %edi, -0x124(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e30] <+48>: movq %rsi, -0x130(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e37] <+55>: movq $0x3, -0x138(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e42] <+66>: leaq 0x117(%rip), %rdi ; “machdep.cpu.brand_string”
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e49] <+73>: movq %rax, %rsi
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e4c] <+76>: leaq -0x138(%rbp), %rdx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e53] <+83>: callq 0x100003f22 ; symbol stub for: sysctlnametomib
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e58] <+88>: xorl %r8d, %r8d
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e5b] <+91>: movl %r8d, %ecx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e5e] <+94>: leaq -0x110(%rbp), %rdx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e65] <+101>: leaq -0x11c(%rbp), %rdi
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e6c] <+108>: movq $0xff, -0x138(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e77] <+119>: movl $0x3, %esi
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e7c] <+124>: leaq -0x138(%rbp), %r9
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e83] <+131>: movq %rcx, -0x148(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e8a] <+138>: movq %r9, %rcx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e8d] <+141>: movq -0x148(%rbp), %r8
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e94] <+148>: movq -0x148(%rbp), %r9
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003e9b] <+155>: movl %eax, -0x14c(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ea1] <+161>: callq 0x100003f1c ; symbol stub for: sysctl
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ea6] <+166>: movl %eax, -0x13c(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003eac] <+172>: cmpl $0x0, -0x13c(%rbp)
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003eb3] <+179>: jne 0x100003ed3 ; <+211>
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003eb9] <+185>: leaq -0x110(%rbp), %rsi
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ec0] <+192>: leaq 0xb2(%rip), %rdi ; “CPU Brand String: %s\n”
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ec7] <+199>: movb $0x0, %al
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ec9] <+201>: callq 0x100003f16 ; symbol stub for: printf
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ece] <+206>: jmp 0x100003ee7 ; <+231>
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ed3] <+211>: movl -0x13c(%rbp), %esi
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ed9] <+217>: leaq 0xaf(%rip), %rdi ; “Cannot get CPU Brand String. Error: %d\n”
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ee0] <+224>: movb $0x0, %al
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ee2] <+226>: callq 0x100003f16 ; symbol stub for: printf
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ee7] <+231>: movq 0x112(%rip), %rax ; (void *)0x0000000000000000
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003eee] <+238>: movq (%rax), %rax
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ef1] <+241>: movq -0x8(%rbp), %rcx
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ef5] <+245>: cmpq %rcx, %rax
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003ef8] <+248>: jne 0x100003f09 ; <+265>
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003efe] <+254>: xorl %eax, %eax
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003f00] <+256>: addq $0x150, %rsp ; imm = 0x150
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003f07] <+263>: popq %rbp
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003f08] <+264>: retq
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003f09] <+265>: callq 0x100003f10 ; symbol stub for: __stack_chk_fail
cpubrand_stringIntel[0x100003f0e] <+270>: ud2

Apple Silicon processor instructions for cpubrand_string.cpp source file:

(lldb) disassemble –name main
cpubrand_string[0x100003de0] <+0>: sub sp, sp, #0x180 ; =0x180
cpubrand_string[0x100003de4] <+4>: stp x28, x27, [sp, #0x160]
cpubrand_string[0x100003de8] <+8>: stp x29, x30, [sp, #0x170]
cpubrand_string[0x100003dec] <+12>: add x29, sp, #0x170 ; =0x170
cpubrand_string[0x100003df0] <+16>: adrp x8, 1
cpubrand_string[0x100003df4] <+20>: ldr x8, [x8]
cpubrand_string[0x100003df8] <+24>: ldr x8, [x8]
cpubrand_string[0x100003dfc] <+28>: stur x8, [x29, #-0x18]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e00] <+32>: str wzr, [sp, #0x48]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e04] <+36>: str w0, [sp, #0x44]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e08] <+40>: str x1, [sp, #0x38]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e0c] <+44>: add x8, sp, #0x30 ; =0x30
cpubrand_string[0x100003e10] <+48>: mov x9, #0x3
cpubrand_string[0x100003e14] <+52>: str x9, [sp, #0x30]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e18] <+56>: adrp x0, 0
cpubrand_string[0x100003e1c] <+60>: add x0, x0, #0xf60 ; =0xf60
cpubrand_string[0x100003e20] <+64>: add x9, sp, #0x4c ; =0x4c
cpubrand_string[0x100003e24] <+68>: mov x1, x9
cpubrand_string[0x100003e28] <+72>: mov x2, x8
cpubrand_string[0x100003e2c] <+76>: str x8, [sp, #0x20]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e30] <+80>: str x9, [sp, #0x18]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e34] <+84>: bl 0x100003f0c ; symbol stub for: sysctlnametomib
cpubrand_string[0x100003e38] <+88>: mov x8, #0xff
cpubrand_string[0x100003e3c] <+92>: str x8, [sp, #0x30]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e40] <+96>: ldr x8, [sp, #0x18]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e44] <+100>: mov x0, x8
cpubrand_string[0x100003e48] <+104>: mov w1, #0x3
cpubrand_string[0x100003e4c] <+108>: add x2, sp, #0x59 ; =0x59
cpubrand_string[0x100003e50] <+112>: ldr x3, [sp, #0x20]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e54] <+116>: mov x9, #0x0
cpubrand_string[0x100003e58] <+120>: mov x4, x9
cpubrand_string[0x100003e5c] <+124>: mov x5, x9
cpubrand_string[0x100003e60] <+128>: bl 0x100003f00 ; symbol stub for: sysctl
cpubrand_string[0x100003e64] <+132>: str w0, [sp, #0x2c]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e68] <+136>: ldr w10, [sp, #0x2c]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e6c] <+140>: cbnz w10, 0x100003e8c ; <+172> at cpubrand_string.cpp:15:58
cpubrand_string[0x100003e70] <+144>: adrp x0, 0
cpubrand_string[0x100003e74] <+148>: add x0, x0, #0xf79 ; =0xf79
cpubrand_string[0x100003e78] <+152>: mov x8, sp
cpubrand_string[0x100003e7c] <+156>: add x9, sp, #0x59 ; =0x59
cpubrand_string[0x100003e80] <+160>: str x9, [x8]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e84] <+164>: bl 0x100003ef4 ; symbol stub for: printf
cpubrand_string[0x100003e88] <+168>: b 0x100003eb4 ; <+212> at cpubrand_string.cpp
cpubrand_string[0x100003e8c] <+172>: ldr w8, [sp, #0x2c]
cpubrand_string[0x100003e90] <+176>: mov x0, x8
cpubrand_string[0x100003e94] <+180>: adrp x9, 0
cpubrand_string[0x100003e98] <+184>: add x9, x9, #0xf8f ; =0xf8f
cpubrand_string[0x100003e9c] <+188>: str x0, [sp, #0x10]
cpubrand_string[0x100003ea0] <+192>: mov x0, x9
cpubrand_string[0x100003ea4] <+196>: mov x9, sp
cpubrand_string[0x100003ea8] <+200>: ldr x10, [sp, #0x10]
cpubrand_string[0x100003eac] <+204>: str x10, [x9]
cpubrand_string[0x100003eb0] <+208>: bl 0x100003ef4 ; symbol stub for: printf
cpubrand_string[0x100003eb4] <+212>: adrp x8, 1
cpubrand_string[0x100003eb8] <+216>: ldr x8, [x8]
cpubrand_string[0x100003ebc] <+220>: ldr x8, [x8]
cpubrand_string[0x100003ec0] <+224>: ldur x9, [x29, #-0x18]
cpubrand_string[0x100003ec4] <+228>: cmp x8, x9
cpubrand_string[0x100003ec8] <+232>: 0x100003ee4 ; <+260> at cpubrand_string.cpp
cpubrand_string[0x100003ecc] <+236>: mov w8, #0x0
cpubrand_string[0x100003ed0] <+240>: mov x0, x8
cpubrand_string[0x100003ed4] <+244>: ldp x29, x30, [sp, #0x170]
cpubrand_string[0x100003ed8] <+248>: ldp x28, x27, [sp, #0x160]
cpubrand_string[0x100003edc] <+252>: add sp, sp, #0x180 ; =0x180
cpubrand_string[0x100003ee0] <+256>: ret
cpubrand_string[0x100003ee4] <+260>: bl 0x100003ee8 ; symbol stub for: __stack_chk_fail

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