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Disable dark mode for single appliacation

New versions of Mac OSX Mojave and Catalina have addition setting in “System Preferences” called Dark mode. To turn your Mac on Dark mode you need to go Apple menu then select System Preferences => General and click on Dark icon in Appearance. Dark Mode uses a dark color pattern and works on system level,… Read More »

Bash script for xml parsing

Usually XML processing is already implemented in programming languages. Several of them have numerous API for that. However some of these API are awkward and cumbersome. Recently it was necessary to parse xml file from bash script so I create my own parser. Basically what I create it is not inversion but small and it… Read More »

No mountable file systems or something about Mac kernel extensions

Something happened with Macintosh device, the DMG file which was mounted before without problem cannot be mounted anymore. Several day ago it was OK, I installed several updates, rebooted my Mac couple of times and now something that worked before was rejected. The same result “no mountable file systems” I got when I double clicked… Read More »

View Mac OSX File System details from terminal

Mac OSX storage have 4 different concepts: disk, formatting, partition and volume. Disk are the physical devices where data are kept. Disk may be divided on several areas or partitions, every partition may contain own and be data partition as well. OSX may support up to 16 partitions per disk. OSX supports 2 main partition… Read More »

Kill Process Programmatically by PID

If your computer is slow it could be that some of the running processes is frozen state. So it is time to terminate them. In Windows you can do it thought Task Manager in Mac using Activity Monitor. Similarly the process may be stopped in Windows command prompt by TaskKill command or in Mac/Linux terminal… Read More »

Xcode installation from xip file

It is not possible to know everything, but it is quite accessible to learn something new everyday. Recently I decided to upgrade my Xcode on my Mac laptop, I sent installed Xcode into trash. I went to Apple Store to download a new one and found that there is no Xcode dmg files, but Xcode… Read More »

Simple Xml Parser in Swift Language for Mac OSX

Here is example how to parse the XML file in Swift 4.1.2 Language for Mac OSX, using XMLParser class. During processing XML document XMLParser notifies its delegate about the handled items, such as elements, attributes, CDATA blocks, comments, and so on. The total list of delegate methods is presented here. The example does not use… Read More »

Create Catalina Macintosh VM on Oracle Virtual Box

Installation of Mac VM on Oracle Virtual box happened not so easy for me and took more time than with VM for other operating systems. Below I describe my experience of Catalina OS X on Oracle Virtual Box, version 5.0.20. I did not find Catalina ISO file, so I downloaded “macOS Catalina PBeta3 by Geekrar.vmdk”… Read More »

Configuring Gatekeeper through terminal

Gatekeeper is a great thing that protects not advanced user from installation and launching unwanted and potentially dangerous applications which are not from Apple Store or not signed with a certificate issued by Apple. Previously it was easier than now to avoid this restriction disabling gatekeeper using GUI System Preferences interface, however latest Mac OSX… Read More »

How to edit Mac dmg file on Linux Platform.

For example I have Apache Web server where Mac dmg file is located. I want to modify for every download adding specific readme file, depending on the region where download request is coming from. A special shell script can do this job, but before I need to verify all script steps manually. This article explains… Read More »