Remote desktop from Mac to Windows and input control matching.

By | August 6, 2021

Recently working from home I needed to use remote desktop connection from Mac to Windows computer. Microsoft remote desktop client is available on the App Store. There was no problem with Microsoft Remote Desktop installation on Mac laptop and connection to Windows PC. The main difficulties appeared with using Mac keyboard with Windows applications. Later I found the way how to use Mac controls to perform the same operations as using Windows keyboard and mouse. The table below presents how to use Mac controls during RDP session to Windows computer. I filled the table for my own needs and plan to extend it if addition options will be found in future.

Windows    Mac
Alt    option
F1,F2 and so on    Use fn key and top key row on keyboard
Backspace    delete
Del    fn + delete
Home    fn + ←
End    fn + →
PgUp    fn + ↑
PgDn    fn + ↓
PrtScn    Shift + control + command + 3
Alt + PrtScn    Shift + control + command + 4
Windows key    command
To open context menu    shift+(fn)+F10

Also context menu may be opened be mouse right click, there are different options to simulate mouse right click using Mac trackpad, it could be “click with 2 fingers”, “click in bottom right corner” and so on. To find which option is chosen open System Preferences -> Trackpad and check Secondary Click setting:

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