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Real virtual world

VirtualBix bidirectional clipboard between host and guest

After installation virtual machine in Oracle VirtualBox clipboard between host and guest machines does not work. It is necessary to do some manipulation to start Copy and Paste operation working. Below is example how organize bidirectional clipboard between Windows host and CentOS guest. In Oracle VM VirtualBox Manager right click on your VM, select Setting,… Read More »

Astra Linux on Oracle Virtual Box

Astra Linux is Russian made Debian based operating system, mainly developed military needs. It is complete commercial product with 2 main releases: “Orel” (general purpose common edition) and “Smolenk” (special edition for government utilization including Russian army forces and intelligence agencies). The Astra Linux was developed by by Russian company RusBITech in 2008. The product… Read More »

Create Catalina Macintosh VM on Oracle Virtual Box

Installation of Mac VM on Oracle Virtual box happened not so easy for me and took more time than with VM for other operating systems. Below I describe my experience of Catalina OS X on Oracle Virtual Box, version 5.0.20. I did not find Catalina ISO file, so I downloaded “macOS Catalina PBeta3 by Geekrar.vmdk”… Read More »

Old hardware with new OS

Or how to use peripheral devices that are not supported by latest Windows. There are two opposing opinions about old stuff: throw them away mercilessly or preserve and restore. Definitely you can not keep everything. Sometime continuing to use junk, you may slow down your own development, however in the same time its utilization in… Read More »

Raspberry PI VM on VirtualBox

Raspbian OS for Raspberry PI is Linux based operating system derived from Debian. So it could be easily to create Raspbian virtual machine on Oracle VirtualBox. The initial experience with Oracle VirtualBox is required. And you need to install it first. The second you need to download IOS image of Raspbian OS. I downloaded Raspbian… Read More »