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old projects that still work well

MSDOS debugger

If you are not familiar how to enable old legacy MSDOS application capabilities on modern Windows OS, it is good to start with “WoW. 16-bit supplication on 32-bit Windows” article. The MS-DOS debugger is portable command line-oriented debugger in operating systems such as MS-DOS and OS/2, Windows (16-bit/32-bit versions only). It is started by DEBUG… Read More »

WoW. 16-bit application on 32-bit Windows.

There was time when PC used 16-bit microprocessors such as 8086 and 80286. The first 32-bit Windows NT operating system had NTVDM (NT Vistual DOS Machine) component that allowed execution of 16-bit Windows and 16-bit / 32-bit DOS applications. The latest 32-bit Windows operating systems does not support NTVDM by default, it should be enabled.… Read More »

Old hardware with new OS

Or how to use peripheral devices that are not supported by latest Windows. There are two opposing opinions about old stuff: throw them away mercilessly or preserve and restore. Definitely you can not keep everything. Sometime continuing to use junk, you may slow down your own development, however in the same time its utilization in… Read More »

RMM HTTP Raposa server

In 1999 I implemented HTTP server for Windows NT with features of remote control and monitoring server machine. I gave the name Raposa to the server. The server code was written on VC++ 6.0 with MFC. Couple of days ago successfully I rebuilt the code on Visual Studio 2013. To my surprise all server services… Read More »

Cyrillic on PC

When I came to Canada in 1996 and bought my computer with Windows NT 4.0 I began to look how to type Cyrillic text on it. Initially I created several editors which works only with 8-bit Cyrillic characters such as KOI-8 and Win-1251. I called in Russian Notepad and it is still there. Usually I… Read More »

SocketSpy or Automated Debugging

My first debugger I implemented in the middle of 80s, it was embedded debugger for 8-bit Intel microprocessor 8051. Since that time or probably earlier I am saying that I actually really love debugging and everything that helps me to understand software things from inside. About 15 years are I needed to investigate network traffic… Read More »