RMM HTTP Raposa server

By | June 27, 2017

In 1999 I implemented HTTP server for Windows NT with features of remote control and monitoring server machine. I gave the name Raposa to the server. The server code was written on VC++ 6.0 with MFC. Couple of days ago successfully I rebuilt the code on Visual Studio 2013. To my surprise all server services except phone line support are working fine on new Windows operating systems including Windows 10 and all modern browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Goolge Chrome) display pages generated by Raposa. I uploaded Raposa server source file on ladydebug.com so anyone can download it and use.
May be sometime I will improve it adding HTTPS support.
Some screenshot which demonstrate server functionality.
Start page – main menu

Browsing files on server PC and downloading

Browsing files on server PC and downloading

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