Raspberry PI VM on VirtualBox

By | July 11, 2018

Raspbian OS for Raspberry PI is Linux based operating system derived from Debian. So it could be easily to create Raspbian virtual machine on Oracle VirtualBox. The initial experience with Oracle VirtualBox is required. And you need to install it first. The second you need to download IOS image of Raspbian OS. I downloaded Raspbian x86 ISO file from http://rpf.io/x86iso. It is Jessie version of Raspbian, the ISO file size is almost 2 GB and the download process may take several minutes. When the download process is completed proceed with installation.
Oracle VM Virtual Machine Manager click on new select name of new Raspberry PI VM, Linux as OS type and its version:

Increase memory for at least 4 GB:

all other setting may be default except disk size.

When new VM is created change some settings. Right click on VM name and open setting dialog:

In setting dialog select System->Processor Tab and check “Enable PAE/NX” box:

Also recommended to change network adaptor settings from NAT to Bridged Adaptor:

However this step is optional and depends on your preferences of your new VM network connection.

Now insert IOS image into virtual CD drive of your VM, select CD storage and click on CD icon on the right:

Now everything is ready to start installation. Right click on VM name and click on Show item of context menu. The new VM console window will be opened.

During installation select “Graphical Install” mode:

Enable disk write access:

Select boot partition:

for all other setting selection use default values.

When installation is completed and VM restarted you will see Raspberry PI desktop:

Actually it should work normally however some options may be changed if you need, for example to enable ssh access, click on Raspberry icon on the left top corner, select Preferences->Raspberry Pi configuration:

Select interfaces and enable ssh:

Check how ssh works, the default ssh credentials are: username – pi and password – raspberry.

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