Get TCP Connection Info of Specific Process using Command Prompt

By | October 3, 2020

Why command prompt when a lot GUI application can do it for you? There are several reason. Command line interface better explains matter of things. It is faster and some remote monitoring and management systems provides only command line remote control methods to access to remote devices. The example below shows how to get TCP connection list of specific process. I have Dell desktop and I want to get this information for Dell Backup and Recovery processes (Dbr). The first step is to find process IDs of these processes using WMI command-line utility – WMIC. Then through netstat network utility obtains established network connections for those processes. netstat is started with -n parameter to express IP addresses and port numbers instead of fqdn and port name. In this way netstat runs faster because it does not spend time for resolution IP addresses to hostnames. Later it is possible to make attempt to resolve IP addresses to hostnames using nslookup.
Obtain TCP connection of Dbr.exe process

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