SSH server on Android phone

By | August 28, 2020

SSH is the great thing to troubleshot, transfer files, make some changes or even do development task on remote devices. Smart phone is not an exception and also could be accessible via ssh. Beside ssh client on desktop computer may be more ergonomically friendly than terminal on Android phone with tiny screen and small keyboard. There are several free SSH servers in Apple Store, I selected this one:
SSH server for Android Phone

The icon looks like:
SSH server for Android Phone

Added user:
Adding user

Default SSH setting are:
Before start
By default the server is using port 2222.

Starting the server:
SSH server has been started
The server shows end point for remote connection.

Using putty.exe for connection from desktop computer:

Putty has been connected to remote SSH server on Android phone:
getprop command retrieves phone model and its manufacture, netstat command shows connection of ssh server with ssh client.

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