Shaileshkumar scheme

By | February 18, 2020

Probably it happened to everyone at least once, you want to google or to open Facebook page and you don’t enter the URL correctly in the address bar and you are redirected to a site that warns you that your computer is completely infected with all kinds of viruses, and will die soon or all files will be deleted or something similar. But everything can be fixed quickly and easily if you download a program from this website. The program may be paid or free. So the site owner wants to get money or to take control of your computer. Moreover, the site is very intrusive and annoying, if you try to close the browser or leave this page, the window with warning pops up again.
So again, something similar happened to me recently:
When I tried to leave the page the modal dialog blocked this action
and returned me back to the Windows damage warning page.
What to do in such cases?
First of all don’t panic, don’t download anything, and of course do not pay any money. Open task manager and kill the Internet browser as a process:
Killing Internet browser process
After that, start this browser again and clean the cache:
Cache cleaning
Now who is Jain Shaileshkumar with nicknamed “Sam”? An American programmer of Indian origin, in 2008 organized the company Innovative Marketing, registered in Ukraine.
They created sites that reproduced alarm messages that the computer was infected with viruses, and it was immediately offered to download an antivirus for only $39, which would have fixed everything. And it was his scheme.

The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Sheilshkumar. “Sam” went on the run, the FBI suggests that he may be hiding abroad. The reward for information leading to his arrest is up to $20,000.

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