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Linux mixed reality

Yum Repositories Control or “No package … available”

This article is related to “How to edit Mac dmg file on Linux Platform“. Let us consider the situation that you cannot install some package on CentOS device because the yum command fails with the error “No package available”. However previously you successfully installed the same package on other CentOS machines without problem. Yes it… Read More »

How to edit Mac dmg file on Linux Platform.

For example I have Apache Web server where Mac dmg file is located. I want to modify for every download adding specific readme file, depending on the region where download request is coming from. A special shell script can do this job, but before I need to verify all script steps manually. This article explains… Read More »

Compiling a Linux Kernel

Rebuilding the Linux kernel is very interesting and sometime often scares off newbies. But there is nothing difficult in this, and compiling the Linux kernel is no more complicated than compiling any other source code. You may need to rebuild the kernel when you need to add some functions not included in the current kernel,… Read More »

Get kernel information through command line and progrmatically

The primary command to get kernel information is uname. The uname command reports basic information about operating system and hardware kernel. For example “name -p” prints the processor type or “unknown”, if it cannot file one. The “-r” option returns the kernel release version. To get full configuration for currently used kernel run the followung… Read More »

sysctl command and function

sysctl is a operating system command of some Unix-like OS that permits to reads and/or modify the parameters of the OS kernel for example limit and setting values of some system attributes. It is available both as a system API for compiled programs, and an administrator command for terminal interface and scripting. Below presented 2… Read More »

Installing tinyproxy on Ubuntu

Previously I played with squid proxy server, today I wanted to try with some alternatives and selected tinyproxy. This proxy also supports HTTP/HTTPS, it is light weight proxy. HTTP/HTTPS. The key features of tinyproxy include: Anonymous mode, Access control, Small footprint, Proxy chaining, remote monitoring and others. The tinyproxy is configurable by editing /etc/tinyproxy.conf file… Read More »

Building .Net core applications for different platforms

.Net core is actually very cool brainchild of Microsoft. It tries give you possibility to publish the same code to the multiple OS platforms. The result sometime looks cumbersome but probably it does not matter so far, if you want to migrate Windows code to Linux, Mac OSX and Android fast. Definitely it is not… Read More »

Raspberry PI VM on VirtualBox

Raspbian OS for Raspberry PI is Linux based operating system derived from Debian. So it could be easily to create Raspbian virtual machine on Oracle VirtualBox. The initial experience with Oracle VirtualBox is required. And you need to install it first. The second you need to download IOS image of Raspbian OS. I downloaded Raspbian… Read More »

Installation and configuration of net-snmp agent on CentOS Linux.

SNMP v3 is the version of Simple Network Management Protocol with advance security mechanism to handle SNMP packets. The net-snmp agent is free snmp v3 agent. The version 3 of Simple Network Management Protocol provides more secure authentication and cryptographic features. The snmpv3 defined in RFCs 3413 and 3414. The steps presented below related to… Read More »