Socket Spy

  It is Freeware now!

SocketSpy helps to investigate Win Socket Traffic, Protocos Algorithm and other system operations, set breakpoints on system functions and makes disassembler of examined code. It received its name from initially implemented winsock debugging operations, but currently it is multifunctional automated process debugger, which a lot of other operations. It can work in single or multi process modes.

New! 5.01 version with customization dll, created by user. Currently you can customize SocketSpy behavior adding detail logging to any export function. Example of SocketSpy customization dll is presented with source code.

Socket Spy is 32 bit multipurpose utility initially created for trapping Winsock, SNMPAPI, ICMP calls and network TCP/UDP traffic of already active or new processes. In other words you may investigate already running process or start a new one in Socket Spy debugging environment. SocketSpy can show File I/O operations (KERNEL32.DLL) and Windows Registry (ADVAPI.DLL) operations of tested process. For example, you may capture all network and/or file input/output traffic of IExplore, OutLook Express and other programs. It is possible to capture only file I/O, network I/O, Windows Registry access separately. The utility may be used for trojan and virus finding, high level network protocols study or software reverse engineering. In short form results are presented in as Rich Edit text in output window and the full information may be saved as log file.
SocketSpy is based on Win32 Debug functions, but if tested process wants to know if debugger present, SocketSpy may block this request and tested process will receive an answer "No". Also you may read and write to tested process memory, find binary sequences in memory of tested process, set additional break points on system function or make disassembler of executable code or specific system function.

It works on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista 32 bit/Windows 7, 8, 10 32 bit! It can be used to debug 32-bit processes and applications on 64-bit versions of Windows using WoW64 subsystem.
Minimum hardware requirements: Pentium 100MHz or higher, 32 MB RAM
Program size 580 KB