NSIS stands for Nullsoft Scriptable Install System. It is a professional script-driven open source system to create installers for Microsoft Windows and an alternative to commercial products like InstallShield. Here I present step by step how to create simple Windows installer for my project usb-cubby which saves passwords and personal information in encrypted way. First… Read More »

Xcode installation from xip file

It is not possible to know everything, but it is quite accessible to learn something new everyday. Recently I decided to upgrade my Xcode on my Mac laptop, I sent installed Xcode into trash. I went to Apple Store to download a new one and found that there is no Xcode dmg files, but Xcode… Read More »

Simple Xml Parser in Swift Language for Mac OSX

Here is example how to parse the XML file in Swift 4.1.2 Language for Mac OSX, using XMLParser class. During processing XML document XMLParser notifies its delegate about the handled items, such as elements, attributes, CDATA blocks, comments, and so on. The total list of delegate methods is presented here. The example does not use… Read More »

Astra Linux on Oracle Virtual Box

Astra Linux is Russian made Debian based operating system, mainly developed military needs. It is complete commercial product with 2 main releases: “Orel” (general purpose common edition) and “Smolenk” (special edition for government utilization including Russian army forces and intelligence agencies). The Astra Linux was developed by by Russian company RusBITech in 2008. The product… Read More »

Yum Repositories Control or “No package … available”

This article is related to “How to edit Mac dmg file on Linux Platform“. Let us consider the situation that you cannot install some package on CentOS device because the yum command fails with the error “No package available”. However previously you successfully installed the same package on other CentOS machines without problem. Yes it… Read More »

CAPTCHA or enough is enough

Got sick of multiple silly comments and decided to rid of them. Yesterday I added “Simple Google reCAPTCHA” plugin, so currently comment posting comment are protected by Google reCAPTCHA, Contact page is not secure yet. but I will implement some protection there also. I investigated with Wireshark how HTTP POST request of adding new comment… Read More »

Create Catalina Macintosh VM on Oracle Virtual Box

Installation of Mac VM on Oracle Virtual box happened not so easy for me and took more time than with VM for other operating systems. Below I describe my experience of Catalina OS X on Oracle Virtual Box, version 5.0.20. I did not find Catalina ISO file, so I downloaded “macOS Catalina PBeta3 by Geekrar.vmdk”… Read More »

C++ Calling Convention with naked functions

Calling conventions are a standardized methods for c++ compilers how to pass parameters to called function. MS Visual Studio gives possibility to use four of them: cdecl, fastcall, stdcall and vectorcall. The specific of every calling convention is hidden in function prolog and not visible for high level language programmer. This article makes an attempt… Read More »

Configuring Gatekeeper through terminal

Gatekeeper is a great thing that protects not advanced user from installation and launching unwanted and potentially dangerous applications which are not from Apple Store or not signed with a certificate issued by Apple. Previously it was easier than now to avoid this restriction disabling gatekeeper using GUI System Preferences interface, however latest Mac OSX… Read More »

CPU usage programmatically

Do you know what does it mean when some tool shows percentage of CPU usage, for example 60%? Basically this indicates that during some timing interval 60% of time processor spent on execution of some software code and 40% did nothing or was in idle state. Usually CPU timing is divided into 3 main categories:… Read More »