Disable dark mode for single appliacation

By | March 30, 2020

New versions of Mac OSX Mojave and Catalina have addition setting in “System Preferences” called Dark mode. To turn your Mac on Dark mode you need to go Apple menu then select System Preferences => General and click on Dark icon in Appearance. Dark Mode uses a dark color pattern and works on system level, affecting all applications both Apple’s or third-party ones. However it could happen that some application is not friendly with Dark mode.
For example this application in Light mode looks like this:
Light mode
but in Dark mode some text is difficult to read:

Light mode
It is simple to disable Dark mode for this application, just open Info.plist file which is located in application Contents subdirectory and add the following key-string pair at the end of dict node:


Restart application. Currently Dark mode does affect the application:

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