How I tested my web hosting and got response time data graph

I decided to check how change my hosting response time during the whole day for this purpose I created simple bash script. The script is base on cUrl tool which sends GET request to some specific URL. If server is not responding 60 seconds timeout is used. The script requires 2 argument URL and… Read More »

Remote Thread and Code Injection

There are multiple ways of inter-process interference in Windows and remote threading is one of them. Remote thread opens the path to get access to all process internals from other process. Win32 API CreateRemoteThread thread function creates a thread that runs in the virtual address space of another process. The example below presents source code… Read More »

SocketSpy or Automated Debugging

My first debugger I implemented in the middle of 80s, it was embedded debugger for 8-bit Intel microprocessor 8051. Since that time or probably earlier I am saying that I actually really love debugging and everything that helps me to understand software things from inside. About 15 years are I needed to investigate network traffic… Read More »