Proxy server and its anonymity

I decided to test how proxy server anonymity looks like and how to control it. The purpose was to get HTTP request header which server receives from proxy when proxy settings are anonymous, semi-anonymous or what ever. I installed squid proxy server on one Linux machine and started to play with its settings located in… Read More »

How I broke and later fixed root shell

I was playing with shell changes and accidentally changed root user shell to nonexistent one. How did it happen? From Ubuntu terminal I switched to root’s environment executing “sudo su -” and then I tried to change login shell for root user performing chsh command. Instead of specifying correct shell with path like “/bin/sh” I… Read More »

RMM HTTP Raposa server

In 1999 I implemented HTTP server for Windows NT with features of remote control and monitoring server machine. I gave the name Raposa to the server. The server code was written on VC++ 6.0 with MFC. Couple of days ago successfully I rebuilt the code on Visual Studio 2013. To my surprise all server services… Read More »

Cyrillic on PC

When I came to Canada in 1996 and bought my computer with Windows NT 4.0 I began to look how to type Cyrillic text on it. Initially I created several editors which works only with 8-bit Cyrillic characters such as KOI-8 and Win-1251. I called in Russian Notepad and it is still there. Usually I… Read More »

Parse ifconfig to extract IPv4 and IPv6

ifconfig is a system administration utility in Unix-like operating systems which presents network interface configuration, including IP addresses, masks, Mac addresses and a lot of other stuff. The ifconfig output may be slightly varying on different operating systems. The utility is very frequently included in shell scripts to get some network parameters. The presented below… Read More »

Preparation for Console Tetris

There was time when console was everywhere and no graphic user interface for any operating system at all. Nowadays some computer users even does not know what is command prompt for Windows or terminal for Macintosh OSX. Command line user interface (CLI) is preferred console interface. To display computer graphic in text console so called… Read More »

“Hello ASM” in masm32

The Microsoft Assembler (commonly known as MASM) was software development tool created by Microsoft. It has been maintained and updated for over 30 years. Currently MASM32 SDK is an independent project that is designed to ease the entry of experienced programmers into the field of assembler language programming. It has freeware licence and available from… Read More »

How I tested my web hosting and got response time data graph

I decided to check how change my hosting response time during the whole day for this purpose I created simple bash script. The script is base on cUrl tool which sends GET request to some specific URL. If server is not responding 60 seconds timeout is used. The script requires 2 argument URL and… Read More »

Remote Thread and Code Injection

There are multiple ways of inter-process interference in Windows and remote threading is one of them. Remote thread opens the path to get access to all process internals from other process. Win32 API CreateRemoteThread thread function creates a thread that runs in the virtual address space of another process. The example below presents source code… Read More »

SocketSpy or Automated Debugging

My first debugger I implemented in the middle of 80s, it was embedded debugger for 8-bit Intel microprocessor 8051. Since that time or probably earlier I am saying that I actually really love debugging and everything that helps me to understand software things from inside. About 15 years are I needed to investigate network traffic… Read More »